13 May 2020

May 27, 2020

Thoughts of the day

Unlearning is as important as learning

To unlock a new level of results and outcomes, it is often very important to unlearn the old model than to explicitly learn a new model. For example, I have been stuck on using free and open-source tools because my thinking was: if it's available for free then why pay for it. This works well in many situations where there is actually a viable and essentially very similar free tool available. For e.g. instead of using Photoshop, I am using Photopea.com which essentially does all the tasks that I need to do. Granted there are many more things Photoshop does, but I'm not even using those, so Photopea worked for me. Also there is no setup and maintenance cost.

However, while watching a course right now on photo and video editing, I was exposed to how much easier things are in, for e.g., Final Cut Pro, compared to other open source tools that I was using, e.g. I was using ffmpeg for the purpose of automation of video editing which was way more time consuming.

Doing things quickly and cheaply

We are in a VUCA environment, so instead of creating results that are dependent on using expensive traditional methods, we have to hack and reverse engineer the essential elements of the outcome and brainstorm ideas of how we can recreate inexpensively and quickly. The rationale is that we don't know if something in which we'll make a lot of investment is really going to payoff or not so its better to test with a good enough outcome and invest more in it if we want to scale it.

This is similar to the Chinese model. Initially, they weren't doing anything particularly innovative, but they are able to replicate good performing products very very quickly, even if they are not the best quality products. That appears to be changing now though for e.g. with 5G, WeChat payments that are years ahead of systems available in the west.


A student of business, self-improvement, human behavior, economics, the financial system, practical digital technology and now digital marketing

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