Harnessing motivation and the importance of timing

Jun 08, 2020

Harnessing Motivation like harnessing a wave

Motivation is one of those creatures that I akin to wind and water waves. This is a flow of energy or state within ourselves that occurs primarily outside our control. When we feel this good tide, it's like a sailor harnessing the wind and using it their advantage. Hence, my advice is that when we feel motivated, we should harness that and take action.

Motivation can also be created. It is essentially creating a state within yourself. There are things you can control which takes a lot more practice to master and I definitely cannot claim that I have mastery over it. However some ideas I think could be used are daily routines, meditative practices, reading uplifting material, physical exercise, cold showers. These all have worked for me in some capacity but I also know they are not guaranteed. I've had days when I did all the practices right but my internal state was not conducive to productivity.

Ultimately, it is what was practice everyday that creates consistency and sustained results. These are habits that we need to develop and cultivate over longer periods of time to see meaningful results.

The important of timing and beginnings

One of the things I do is comb my hair right after I get out of the shower. If I don't do it right after and let some of the moisture get away, it is bound to be a bad hair day. This is a lesson on the importance of timing and especially beginnings. If you time your effort correctly, it creates results that no amount of effort later is going to produce with the same quality, or it will take disproportinately more time and effort to produce. It is wise to train yourself to take micro actions at the right time, to save yourself a lot more "wasted" time and effort later on


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