How do you spend your time?

Podcast Jul 06, 2020

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How do you like to spend your time if you did not have any commitments or pressure to do anything how would you spend your time a good starting point to figure this out is to see how you currently spend your time what are you doing on your weekends what are you doing in your evenings what do you do or gravitate towards when you have some time take a moment to think about that maybe hit pause for a moment and really give that a think.

Now, I have a question for you why do you choose to spend your time doing that and the answer can broadly fall into two categories one is because you're bored and you just want to entertain yourself you just want to pass the time second you might actually be very passionate about doing this thing you're filled with excitement you can't just wait to do this thing you're compelled to do this thing there are vastly different types of energies behind those two activities the why of what you're doing matters a lot if you're doing something just to kill the time to just be less bored you might be just running away from facing something that is happening in your life you don't want to devote the energy to even consider or think that problem it's just too unbearable for you and so you just like to distract yourself you just want to numb that feeling you don't want to go near that frustration or irritation it makes you uncomfortable.

When the why behind what you're doing is filled with purpose you're way more excited about it you're in a state of flow even if the task is boring you're still experiencing a level of joy.

The same activity that you're doing driven by a different why has a very distinct feel to it. Let me give you an example: Say you're watching a movie. If you're just watching the movie just to relax to drown out whatever else is happening in your life that's very different from if you're watching the movie to learn the subject, you're genuinely interested in the topic in the movie, maybe it's the storyline maybe it's the character but you are focused on it and you're observing it with curiosity. It may spark an interest in you to explore the subject matter further you may actually be inspired to do something that you hadn't thought of before.
Zooming back out to why I'm saying all of this, if I observe you for a few days and see how you're spending your time, I'd be able to predict where you're going in life. It may not be 100% accurate, but I'll have an idea of the general direction your life is going in and if you tell me that's how you've been spending your time for the last 10 years, I could understand why you are in the same position as you were 10 years ago. It's not rocket science. Anybody who gives this a little bit of a thought will be able to come to a similar conclusion.

Where you are in life today is a result of the habits and routines that you have been practicing for the last few years of your life, maybe even the last few months of your life.

If you understand this simple insight it's not too hard to realize that the way you spend your time from now on will determine what you will be in six months from now, in a year from now, in five years from now, in ten years from now.

Most people are not happy wherever they are. This is just how the human condition is. The grass always looks greener on the other side. People are always seeking some kind of novelty in their life. They want something to change. They envision this future state where they're this perfect human being, living the perfect life, just like in the movies. At the same time they're hesitant to change anything in their life, the way they're living right now, because they're comfortable with how things are.

If you understand what I've been saying for the last few minutes, you will realize that it's not possible to get that end state without experiencing any kind of change in what you're doing right now. Or atleast the chances of that are very very slim. Of course there's exceptions somebody might win a lottery, somebody might get an opportunity of a lifetime, when they least expected it.

But if you keep waiting, hoping that something like that is going to happen to you, there's a risk that you may very well end up waiting for it until you breathe your last breath.

The alternative is to take action, to start to actively create the future that you want for yourself. It's going to be a tough journey and the payoff is not guaranteed. But it's perhaps the only option you have if you truly want to change.


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