The three modes we operate in

Podcast Jul 05, 2020

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The way I think about thinking is we operate in three distinct modes consumption, production, and reflection


Consumption is when you're consuming content you're reading you're watching YouTube videos and you are watching movies you're watching TV shows you're reading a magazine you're listening to an audiobook a podcast these are all ways that I consume content and you can see there's two distinct ways that you consume one kind of content is around learning new skills to develop new ways of thinking and the other is just for entertainment and both have a value attached to it you know I prefer spending time mostly on the informational and educational side of content there's an overlap where you know I find a lot of content that is informational educational and at the same time entertaining for me but there are other times where my mind is just completely full and I just want to relax and watch maybe a stand-up comedy or a movie or a show that's intriguing and that's just a way to kind of relax the mind so that's the consumption mode and I think majority of the time I have been a consumer and I think most people today would fall in the consumer bucket right.


The second mode is production and this is where what I'm doing right now I'm trying to produce this podcast and I am writing blog posts I write some things that I hope will eventually become a book at some point I produce videos I produce programs that will solve problems and I do research that's kind of like consuming and producing at the same time so there are all these modes.


The third primary mode that I operate in is reflection this is where I'm taking time to myself to really think about things what is or the strategic direction I'm heading in where my life is going you know the kind of consumption that I'm doing and the production that I'm doing is it effective is it meaningful is it giving me the kind of results that I expected to achieve if not what do I need to change how do I need to course-correct to make it go in a direction that I really want to go and the broader question then becomes is the direction that I plan to go in or want it to go in earlier is that a direction that still makes sense for me.

How you should think about structuring your time among these modes operation

At some level everybody is going through this kind of three modes of operation and depending on where you're spending most of your time you know that would be a good indication of what your life looks like looks like and where your life is heading so if you're primarily a consumer and the nature of the consumption is just mindless entertainment you you're not just stagnant you might actually be just declining because your mental capacity to think might be declining because you're not using that muscle and at the same time other people are actually developing new skills so wherever you are at you're not just becoming stagnant you're actually getting away and way behind because other people may be working on improving themselves at this point so we really need to kind of think about what are we operating in right one rule that I have created recently is that I will match my consumption to my production so every time I consume some kind of content I read a book I watch a video I listen to a podcast I have a conversation with someone there's some lesson that's taken away from that and can I concisely convey that listen in something that I produce it could be a blog post or a podcast episode like this or a video in some way shape or form I like to produce some kind of content to go with it so I think that's a good general rule to have to essentially start getting on to the path where you're shifting from a consumption mindset to a production mindset and lastly you need to also cultivate the time to be in a reflective mode you should ideally do something like that on a daily basis where you think about how you will spend your day and what are the results you expect to achieve that day and then you can take some of that time on a weekly basis where you think about the next week and similarly on a month quarter year kind of basis as well so you know the general direction that you're going for and you reassess if the things that you're doing right now are really leading you to the - to the destination that you have envisioned for yourself.

So that's it for now and hopefully, you got value out of this and will begin to think about how much time you spend in each mode and if that allocation of that mix needs to be changed to align with what you want in life.


A student of business, self-improvement, human behavior, economics, the financial system, practical digital technology and now digital marketing

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